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Duke Magazine

The Places Words Go | Duke Magazine

Historically, intersectionality was not simply about “drawing connections” or about personal identities apart from oppressive systems. For example, the discrimination and wage disparities that black women experienced in the workplace could not be reduced simply to bias or racism—any explanation had to take into account the larger structure of capitalism. Nevertheless, popular uses of intersectionality today are much more slippery.
Religion Dispatches

No, the Democratic Party Is (Still) Not the Party of God

Graham blurs the important distinction between theological liberalism and progressive politics. The two are not synonymous. In other words, one can approach the Bible critically, revise traditional dogma, and strive for an inclusive church while subscribing to a number of economic, foreign policy, health, and education-related political agendas. She also reduces the terms “left,” “progressive,” “activist” to essentially mean the mainstream politics of the Democratic Party. The article suggests that the “Christian left” or “religious left” is basically anything not Republican.

Open Letter to the College Senior Detecting Colonial Prejudice

Where were the other thinkers of importance? I heard many Christians say that every human being is created in the image of God. I quickly realized that this was a lie. The image of God, intellectually, was contained in the thoughts of white western man, and the best that everyone else could do was adopt or approximate this. Or perhaps it wasn’t a lie – all humans were created in the image of God but not everyone was necessarily fully human.
The Guardian

Diversity doesn't make racism magically disappear | Daniel Jose Camacho

We can’t screw our way beyond racism. Many think mixed-race babies and browner demographics will automatically usher in a post-racial world. They interpret the projections of a “majority-minority” shift in our nation – now set to take place in 2044 – as a sign of guaranteed progress. Changing faces in the US are seen as anti-racist destiny. But don’t overestimate the power of this post-racial cocktail.
The Christian Century

The Reactionary Option: Musings on the decline of western civilization

I always find it amusing when white Christians debate—exclusively among themselves—the fate of civilization. The rest of us can only be outside observers, passengers in sweeping historical narratives in which we are an afterthought. Not only does this erasure obscure what has actually occurred, it falsifies what these storytellers say about themselves, their traditions, and the wider world.
Religion Dispatches

Why James H. Cone's Liberation Theology Matters More Than Ever

As he saw it, many white theologians of that era were not genuinely concerned about all cases of violence. Worried about the threat of black revolutionaries, they did not see the structure of violence embedded in U.S. law and carried out by the police. Cone asked: “Why didn’t we hear from the so-called nonviolent Christians when black people were violently enslaved, violently lynched, and violently ghettoized in the name of freedom and democracy?” Ferguson, Baltimore, and Cleveland have shown us that not much has changed since the summer of 1967.